Google I/O plan for 2013

Google’s annual developer conference, Google I/O, starts Wednesday, although it’s apt to be a far more subdued event than last year’s extravaganza.

Google I/O 2012 could be difficult to top: Skydivers putting on Google Glass showed live video in the products because they leaped from the blimp over Bay Area, arrived on the top from the Moscone Convention Center, and carried out bike stunts while making their method to the keynote auditorium.

Since Glass is indeed a product and it is being given to the designers who registered to become Glass People this past year, execution matters a lot more than publicity. Google will most likely present a polished video someone complains about using Glass inside a socially conscious or inspiring way.

But when I/O 2013 offers less when it comes to spectacle that may mean more when it comes to substance. This is what we’re able to see:

The wedding of Android and Chrome

Probably the most interesting factor about Google I/O this season may be hearing what Sundar Pichai needs to say. Pichai was lately drawn on to consider over control over Google’s Android operating-system, additionally to his responsibilities managing Chrome and Applications.

Android and also the Chrome browser have been huge achievements for Google. Chrome OS, Google’s browser-based operating-system, has not done too. If Google really wants to sell notebook hardware outdoors the training and business marketplaces – and creating prestige items such as the Chromebook Pixel indicates it will – it requires to find away out to create Chrome OS hardware more helpful and integrated using its growing Android installed base.

Google could create code that enables Android applications to become performed on Chrome OS products, having its NaCL technology. Whether or not this is going to do so remains seen. But at the minimum, we ought to expect the opportunity to edit Microsoft ‘office’ files in Chrome browsers as well as on Chrome OS products using Google’s QuickOffice technology, acquired this past year. Google already has integrated QuickOffice into Chrome to permit Office document viewing. It could finally anticipate to announce the opportunity to edit Office documents in Chrome.

Hangouts get Babel

Google continues to be focusing on a built-in mix-platform im and communication application. Known to internally as Babel, it is likely to be folded into Hangouts, presently a relevant video collaboration and broadcasting service. The brand new Hangouts is anticipated to integrate Talk and Messenger, with Voice to become added later on.

Nexus 7 HD

To contend with the iPad Small Retina tablet expected from Apple, Bing is apparently improving its Nexus 7 tablet having a high-resolution screen and faster processor. While not an earth-breaking development, a better small tablet will certainly be welcomed by Android fans.

Application Engine Adds PHP

Google has acknowledged it will likely be adding support for an additional programming language to Application Engine. The only real real question is what it will likely be. At Reddit, there is a convincing situation being made that it’ll be PHP, a language that does not get much respect but remains broadly used. I’d have preferred JavaScript and node.js.

Google Playground

Apple has Game Center like a communal center of gravity for iOS and OS X games. Google does not come with an equivalent, yet. The organization lately hired game-industry veteran Noah Falstein since it’s chief game designer. And also the .apk code for that lately launched MyGlass application indicates Google Play Services are now being developed.

Maps Redesign

A refurbished form of Google Maps was spotted lately. Whether this is just a pleasing change or was carried out to support new releases or products is not yet obvious.

Google Now, Everywhere

Google Now, the business’s mobile predictive search tool, may find a location in desktop browsers, or possibly just in Chrome. Google apparently continues to be testing code that will allow this.

Google Compute Engine Limitations Removed

In April, Google made Compute Engine open to clients having to pay $400 monthly because of its Cloud Platform Gold Support service. Compute Engine, which competes with cloud services for example Amazon. Com EC2, formerly have been available by invitation. Google I/O will be the logical time for you to announce unqualified public availability.

Android 4.3

Android viewers remain believing that Android 5. also known as Key Lime Cake, continues to be postponed. Rather, they anticipate seeing an incremental upgrade, Android 4.3. Notable features are stated to incorporate support for Bluetooth Low Energy and OpenGL ES 3.. Stalling Android 5. has the benefit of permitting Google to reply to iOS 7, which most probably is going to be revealed in June at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference.

Glass partnership

Glass got an application upgrade therefore it appears unlikely Google may have much to announce. Possibly we’ll visit a partnership with Warby Parker for fulfilling custom contacts or even the announcement of distribution occasions for those who win of Google’s #ifihadglass contest. Or we may see some interesting third-party Glass applications debut.

What We Should Most likely will not see?

Bing is thought to become focusing on a streaming music service is comparable to in concept to Spotify, although the reported launch date is not before the third quarter of the season. Google was apparently focusing on an actual Google Wallet card, but that apparently continues to be cancelled. Google TV continues but has not become much attention lately. Don’t search for that to alter. After the debacle from the Nexus Q sound system this past year, it appears unlikely Google will revisit music hardware, a minimum of until it features a functioning streaming music service like a tie-in. Motorola’s XFON might result in the cut. We’ll need to wait and see.…