Google Glass Apps: Top rated 4 apps under working

Google glass is going to be more famous day by day. Here are 4 top rated apps with Great Review on App store which are under developing for Google glass.


A Google Glass Twitter application is lately spotted within the wild. The application that is still not confirmed by Twitter is apparently to allow customers take short videos and quick photos, and tweet them rapidly. Twitter will thus have more significance inside your everyday existence.

New York Times:

Google Glass can also be a perfect platform for any individual to undergo the most recent news and headlines. Since you’ve got a large “display” before your vision, it’s even easily easy to browse the latest news headlines and stories. A news reader’s application is among the first good examples that Google demonstrated us as running on its innovative Google Glass.


Well, it’s a famous note-taking application for phones and tablet pc. Its Google Glass version can make things more awesome for that app’s fans. That comes with Google’s Glass’ camera, now you can add notes to Evernote together with awesome photos too. It’ll make Evernote further helpful using the mixture of camera towards the note-taking process.


It’s a brilliant concept that you could identify someone rapidly using his/her pre-taken images among full of. InSight is a fairly application for Google Glass with your objective. It calculates considering the color and designs within the clothing of somebody who you’ve just met and taken a photograph of just not long ago inside a crowd. See, InSight are only able to recognize the individual with similar clothes he/she was at when you required the snap. So, it’s nice that you could locate fairly easily an individual inside a party, function or perhaps a concert after meeting him/her inside a couple of minutes back with similar robes.…