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HTC Flyer VS Samsung And Apple?

The release of HTC Flyer was, undoubtedly, a surprise for leading producers. It’s hard to name this as just a release, as this is the most considerable event within the history of HTC. Besides Flyer, the company presented six other new models in Mobile World Congress 2011, held on February 14-17 in Spain, Barcelona. Actually, HTC exceeded such world leading industries, as Samsung, LG and others. We’ll focus on this stunning android platform tab, HTC Flyer.

Each new model that makes the public wow, is a new word. The producers understand that in order to thrill and enchant the clients they should make their product really worth buying, that is, they should work hard! And HTC did that.

Now let us have a look at this model and see what its key features look like.

The most exciting and incredible part — HTC Flyer comes with a new 1.5 GHz processor. You’ll not find anything like this. Even in the lately released Samsung tabs you’ll find a 1.2 GHz processor, not more.

The tab comes, as mentioned, with android platform. According to HTC PR specialists, the HTC tab comes with Android 2.4, but later it will be possible to upgrade it to 3.0.

Flyer is equipped with standard 5 MP and 1.3 MP secondary cameras and 720p for video, which is good. And most importantly, the battery is a standard 4000mAh, which means a battery life of eight to 14 hours.

The first ever HTC tab comes with a seven-inch screen. The tab is not that big and can be kept in a bag. The tab is available in a single silver color.

HTC Scribe Technology — this is a new feature, which keeps the Flyer ahead from other tabs. It turns the tab into a note taking machine. It’s also possible to draw, make notes in web pages and on photos and even sign on the tab screen! Flyer is the first HTC model to have a built-in synchronization with Evernote, world leader among note-taking services and applications.

Now some intro about android applications. It’s impossible not to speak about OnLive gaming portal. OnLive is a cloud-based platform, allowing folks to play the newest and the freshest video games on a TV screen. Yes, you got that right, having access to OnLive means having opportunity to play more than 20 games, including hits like Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood and Lego Harry Potter. Besides this, other android applications include GPS support and digital compass.

The intro of a new HTC Watch service is another great achievement, thanks to the acquisition of Saffron Digital. HTC Watch makes it easier to search for new films and videos and stream videos directly through your tab without any long loadings.

All in all, I can say that HTC Flyer is the best tab existing today. This release will eventually create a rough competition and this is especially true for Samsung and Apple. And as all the best things are expensive, so is Flyer. This android platform tab will cost approximately $1000.…