The Basic Categories And Types Of Ringtones

You are a fan of cool gadgets and simple cell phones do not satisfy you? You always want to have the latest gadgets and feel special? And do you know that the ringtone of your mobile should be as cool as the phone itself. It should be something that would reflect the uniqueness and elegance of your mobile.

When you first go to purchase a ringtone, you might get overwhelmed at the huge number of choices. Understanding the basic categories might help you make the right decision. Here is a look at the basic categories to get you started.

Music and Hits –

Very popular in the ringtone market. Many of the latest songs and hits are available as a ringtone as soon as the song is released. If you like artists that are not that popular you might be able to find some of these for free. Newer artists will use these to spread their music and gain popularity. If you don’t pay for any song you are playing on your phone you are breaching copyright laws.


These are some of the best known out-takes from the best known movies. A good example is the beginning part of each Star Trek movie or episode. Some of the most famous and memorable conversations from classic movies have been converted for ringtone use. Of course you will find many sub-category divisions here. Again, all of these sounds are subject to copyright laws.

Strange Sounds-

Everyone wishes they could replicate some of the sounds in movies. There is a category of ringtones that includes everything from the sounds of a ‘light saber’ from Star Wars, to the life-like sounds of barking dogs. These sounds are also very popular and many people will set them to different callers. A dog barking for the wife? A siren for your husband perhaps? There are literally thousands in this category. You will find one that suits just about everyone you know. Many of these sounds are also subject to very strict copyright laws.


There are about 50 different cell phone tone formats. It can get pretty confusing so we will stick to the basics. No matter what the format, there are only three basic versions. Monophonic tones are the simplest. Only very old mobile phones actually still use these. They consist of a series of notes played one at a time. Polyphonic tones can have several musical notes played at a single time. These were the ‘big new thing’ until the release of phones that could handle real audio recordings.

True-tone tones are real audio recordings. The newer your phone, the better sounds it will be able to handle. Most of the paid ringtones online are the true-tone type. They have also been modified for the small speaker on your handset. Making them sound good is not as easy as some people may think.
Video Ringtones. These are the latest developments for fans of cool gadgets.

Always take care when you are downloading data from a website. Look carefully for the detailed description of what you are subscribing to. You should also look for a contact address or at least a contact phone number in your country. If you see these details, you know this company is providing genuine ringtones.…